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Hello, my name is Nela Beceru and I am a CELTA qualified English teacher with over twenty years of experience. I have successfully coached persons of different ages and professional backgrounds. I provide most-effective and results-driven preparation for English exams, such as IELTS, Cambridge exams (PET, FCE, CAE, CPE).

If you are keen to achieve the upper limits of your academic potential, look no further. Contact me to find out more about my services and discuss your needs for boosting your English.




This 30-hour, individual course provides comprehensive training for both the Academic and General Training modules, building up the language skills and test techniques students need to approach their IELTS test with confidence.

Cambridge Advanced Success


Specifically designed for learners at B2-C1 level, this course ensures thorough and systematic practice of exam skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. This fast and focused training empowers the learner and guarantees exam success.

Academic Writing


This course provides specific preparation for different types of writing (formal letters, transactional letters, reports, articles, proposals, reviews) necessary for highschool and university students. Brainstorming, Planning, Drafting, Editing.


I am immensely grateful to Ms B for the invaluable help she provided. Ms B identified my weak points and supplied straightforward solutions. My IELTS results: Listening 9, Reading 8, Writing 8, Speaking 8. Overall 8.5. I commend Ms B for her patience, perseverance and ability to motivate students. Working under her guidance was a real eye-opener. Thank you again!
Ioana, C
Doctor, UK
Listening 8, Reading 8, Writing 7, Speaking 8.5 Overall 8. Thank you so much for your guidance and advice. I would have never managed to progress this much if it hadn’t been for your help!
University Student, The Netherlands
I am sure I would not have passed this exam without the guidance of a good teacher. I appreciate the fact that I was provided with so many studying materials and that you took the time to correct every little mistake I made. Your explanations are very easy to understand and your indications are straight to the point. I really enjoyed the speaking practice. I like your teaching style overall and I would recommend you to anyone who wants to improve their English skills by taking private lessons. Va multumesc mult!
Maria, T
Student, UK




Understand What Pronouns Are Pronouns replace nouns or other pronouns in a sentence so that you do not have to repeat them. Sheryl got into Sheryl’s her car. I like Mario. Mario He is a good dancer. In most cases, a pronoun refers to a specific noun or pronoun mentioned...

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vocabulary in dictionary

Learning Academic Vocabulary

Second-language learners have long realized the importance of vocabulary for improving language proficiency. Research indicates that learners need to have access to a minimum of 3,000 words in order to even begin to comprehend authentic texts. Students wishing to study in English at the university level may need up to...

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modal verbs

Modal Verbs Practice

Choose the right modal verb. (Let´s revise: must, have to, may, might, can, could, should – affirmative or negative) 1- they (can / might) be away for the weekend but I´m not sure. 2- You (may / might) leave now if you wish. 3- (Could / May) you open the...

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General Topic Information Technology has provided society with many new tools. Like all tools, the value of technological tools depends largely on how they are used and whether they make tasks faster or simpler. Technology can lead to problems such as devices that are unnecessarily complicated, that people may use...

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