March 2018

Online ENGLISH Courses Engliterra CAE Writing Part 1

CAE Writing Part 1

Your class has listened to a panel discussion about how schools can best prepare young people for their future working lives. You have made the notes below: Strategies aimed at preparing young people for their future working lives • teaching practical skills • providing information about jobs • establishing links with local community Some opinions […]

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Online ENGLISH Courses Engliterra CAE Speaking

CAE Speaking

Speaking (15 minutes) Part 1 2 minutes (3 minutes for groups of three) The interlocutor will ask you some questions about yourself, your home, work or studies and familiar topics. Good morning/afternoon/evening. My name is and this is my colleague . And your names are? Can I have your mark sheets, please? Thank you. First

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1. To increase 2. To make something increase 3. An increase 4. When something does not increase, or stops increasing 1. To increase increase verb [intransitive] to become larger in number, amount, price, or value: • Last year, the number of burglaries increased by 15 percent. • The percentage of households with a computer increased

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