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A website has asked readers for reviews of new software applications.
Write a review of an application that you have used. Your review should comment on what is special about the software. It should also explain who might find the software most useful or appealing and why. Your review should also suggest one way in which the software could be improved.
Write your review.

London Tourist App

It is easy to get lost in a big city like London. So when I read about the LondonApp just before I had to spend two weeks there, I did not hesitate and immediately downloaded it to my tablet.

The app allows you to see where you are on a map of Greater London. You can type in where you want to go and it will show you how to get there, either on foot, using public transport or driving. It offers alternative routes and suggests how long your journey will take.

It is clearly a very useful app for anyone like me who does not know the city and wants to find their way around. Although London is a big city, the centre is relatively compact. Using it showed me how close I was to some of the places I wanted to go to. As a result, I was able to walk to my destination and so see much more of the city. Had I not had the app, I would probably have used the underground and so would have missed a great deal.

Although I found the app simple to use, I think the developers could make it even more attractive to tourists. Imagine you are walking past an interesting building and would love to know what it is. How good it would be if you could just click on that building’s location on the app’s map and be taken straight to information about it. It would certainly add extra value to an already excellent app.

• Statement of what is being reviewed at the beginning
• Some basic information is given about the app but, as is appropriate to a review, the writer’s opinion has at least as much importance as any facts about the subject of the review
• Clear organisation and paragraphing
• Good opening sentence to engage the reader’s interest
• Variety in structures and sentence length
• Not too formal in register – formality is not necessary in a website review
• Rounding-o sentence summarises the writer’s opinion
• Correct length (258 words)
• No language errors

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