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Online ENGLISH Courses Engliterra Letter A

ABANDON: To give up completely – abandoned the sinking ship.
Synonyms: relinquish, forgo, forsake
ACADEMIC: Pertaining to school; theoretical academic interests; an academic discussion, with no practical implications.
Synonym: scholastic
ACCELERATE: – To quicken, speed tip – took an accelerated course in order to graduate early.
Synonym: expedite (adj. expeditious)
Antonym: retard
ADVERSITY: Misfortune – calm in the face of adversity.
Synonyms: affliction, mischance, reverses
AGGRESSIVE (noun: AGGRESSION. an unprovoked attack): self-assertive; attacking, offensive – annoyed people by his aggressive attitude;
Synonyms: bumptious, officious, obtrusive
Antonyms: meek, humble, retiring, diffident
AMBIGUOUS: Uncertain, vague, capable of being inter- in more than one way – puzzled by the ambiguous statement.
Synonyms: hazy, obscure, equivocal, dubious, nebulous
Antonyms: explicit, unquestionable
ANONYMOUS: Of unknown authorship-an anonymous publication.
APPREHENSIVE (verb: APPREHEND): Fearful – Being unprepared, John is apprehensive of the examination.
ARTFUL: Sly; crafty – attained his mean objective by artful measures.
Synonyms: cunning, wily, adroit, ingenious, guileful
Antonyms: guileless, ingenuous, artless
ATHEIST: One who denies that God exists – The atheist declared, “There is no God.”
Synonyms: infidel, agnostic, sceptic
ATTRIBUTE (verb): Assign -attributed his success to bard work.
Synonym: ascribe
(noun): An inherent quality -Generosity was his outstanding attribute.
AUTHENTIC: Genuine -proved to be an authentic document.
Synonyms: veritable, bona fide
Antonyms; apocryphal, counterfeit, spurious, bogus

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