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money talks
When it comes to keeping high-performance employees, money talks; the best way to reward them is with bonuses.
make a bomb
Speculators made a bomb as the price of rubber increased by more than 200%.
cost a bomb
An advertising campaign like that is out of the question for a small firm like ours. For one thing, it would cost a bomb.
be in the black
Although it has made heavy losses in the past two years, Mr Bernhard said that the company was already back in the black after a restructuring programme.
be in the red
All five of the country’s biggest steel companies are in the red. Bankruptcies are at record levels, and the outlook is grim.
foot the bill
No one wants spending on product research to be cut completely. On the other hand, we are not prepared to foot the bill of everhigher R & D costs.
throw good money after bad
We have already lost huge sums on this product. In my opinion, to attempt to develop it any further will simply be throwing good money after bad.
pay cash on the nail
We generally allow a 15% discount to customers who pay cash on the nail.
money is no object
Our management attaches great importance to this project. Money is no object whatsoever.
be penny wise and pound foolish
Insisting that employees should not make private telephone calls from the office is not really going to reduce the firm’s losses, but it will affect morale: it’s being penny wise and pound foolish.

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