Reading and Use of English 1 hour 30 minutes
Parts 1 and 3 mainly test your vocabulary; Part 2 mainly tests grammar. Part 4 often tests both vocabulary and grammar. Parts 5–8 test reading comprehension.

PartTask TypeQuestionsFormat
1Multiple choice cloze8Fill each gap in a text from options A, B, C or D.
2Open cloze8Fill each gap in a text with one word.
3Word formation8Fill each gap in a text with the right form of a given word.
4Key word transformation6Complete a sentence with a given word and up to five more words to mean the same as another sentence
5Multiple choice6Read a text followed by questions with four options: A, B, C or D.
6Cross-text multiple matching4Read across four short texts and match prompts to the correct sections.
7Gapped text6Read a text with six paragraphs removed. There are seven paragraphs to choose from.
8Multiple matching10Read one or more texts. Match prompts to elements in the texts.
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