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General Topic Information Technology has provided society with many new tools. Like all tools, the value of technological tools depends largely on how they are used and whether they make tasks faster or simpler. Technology can lead to problems such as devices that are unnecessarily complicated, that people may use technology inappropriately, safety issues (people

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account for sth/sb

account for sth/sb, /əˈkaʊnt/, account for sb/sth, to know where sb/sth is or what happened to them, especially after an accident or a natural disaster. All the people who were working in the building have now been accounted for. (Account for sb/sth is often used in the passive.)account for sth,1 to explain why or how

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abound with

abound with/in sth, /əˈbaʊnd/, literally or formal, to contain a lot of something The rivers abounded with fish.The Costa Azul abounds with bars, restaurants and night-clubs.… a densely forested area, abounding with wildlife. Similar to: be full ofAbound, abounded, abounded, abounding

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act, /ækt/, acted, acted, actingAct for sb: if someone, especially a lawyer acts for you, you employ them to deal with something for you or to speak for you in a court of law: Lawyers, acting for ex-smokers are suing the big tobacco companies for billions of dollars. The buyer of the painting said he

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ache for

Ache for, /eɪk fə/, ached, ached, achingAche for sth to want something very much, and feel very unhappy that you cannot have it:Suddenly his heart ached for the sight of his native country. Ache for sbIf you ache for someone you love you feel very unhappy because you cannot be with them: He ached for

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abide by

abide by sth, /əˈbʌɪd/ ,(formal) to accept rules, a law, an agreement, a decision, etc. and obey them/it.Members must abide by the rules of the club. Tyson promised to abide by the terms and conditions of his release.Ex: abide by rules, the law, a decision.Similar to: observe (formal), stick to, keep to (BrE), comply with

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